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» Submit a Data Challenge

What do I need to prepare a data challenge?

A data challenge is provided as a data brief. A data brief is a short description of a data set and its associated challenge you have with your data in terms of analysis, visualization, or presentation. Below, you will find the form to submit your brief. You can submit as many brief’s and challenges as you wish and work with as many student groups as you like.

Based on your data challenge and presentations, we will chose those challenges suited for the course and our students (graduate students with backgrounds in graphic design, product design, computer science, web-development, media, etc.)

From this list, students will then choose their project. In your data challenge you should address the following information, keeping in mind that your audience are graduate students in design and computer science.

Data and Context:



What is a “good” data challenge?

Databriefs can cover a vide variety of data sets from research and other areas, including problems and we are curious about your submission. A ‘good’ data challenge should have the following characteristics:

» Submit a Data Challenge